Conference Dinner

Join us for an evening of fun, good food and networking!

Date and time: 23rd March from 17.30 - first venue.
Price per person: DKK 250
Exhibitors per person: DKK 800
Dress code: Casual
Transportation: Walking. The first venue is located 200 m, from the venue where we will meet at 18.00 for a tour (6 pm) and the restaurant 400 meters from the museion.
18.00 Medical Museion: Close encounters of the material kind - Bredgade 62. Read more here
Come to a late night consultation at Medical Museion, and get closer than ever before to objects from the unique historical collections, ranging from amputation saws to human specimens. Encounter mysterious objects from cutting edge medical research laboratories, and explore the devices that are changing the way we live with disease and disability. Meet scientists, artists, and philosophers all trying to make sense of the body and how we manage, treat, and change it. More than a lecture, beyond a tour … Immerse yourself in the stuff of medicine at a new evening event series.

19.00 Dinner at Restaurant SALT. Toldbodgade 24. 800 m. walking from Medical Museion.
SALT bar & restaurant, designed by the English architectural firm, Conran & Partners, is a modern version of the splendid Parisian brasserie. A fascinating maritime expression has become characteristic for SALT‘s decor.
The food at SALT is full of innovative and challenging flavors. It is modern Danish and created from a strong traditional foundation, where modern techniques are refining the confidence of habit. Classic, recognizable taste combinations combined with the temptations of contemporary interpretations.

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